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We are The 24*7 Best washing Machine Service Center.We Service All Type Of Home Appliance at Your Door Step Service Center in Tamil nadu. Book Your Complaints Our Service Technicians Attend with in 2 Hours.We Provide One Month Service Warranty and 3 To 6 Months Spare Warranty.Trusted and Certified Well Skill Trained Technicians.Quality Service Affordable Price.

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Good ifb washing machine service.i like this quick service responce.good customer relationship mangement.


Kumar, Madurai

Quick Good service responce.quality Lg fridge service with affordable price.thank u


Siva Rangini, Chennai

Brilliant Service.My Work is done Quick and At Least Cost Possible. Personally, I Loved the Service. Keep It Up ❤️


R.Muthu Raghavan, Tirchy

The service is Good and also at affordable charge. The Haier AC which I serviced few days back, working at great condition. Also They finished the service quick. Thankyou


Manoj Kumar, Tirunelveli

Done AC service in my home perfectly….
I love that technician’s response so much….


Murugan, Thanjavur

This service centre is very responsible. I’ve called them for my samsung Washing Machine service and they’d service work very quick and professionally


Selvi, Coimbatore

We Do our Whirlpool Fridge Service from this center. Service is Quick and worth for Cost


Abdul Rahuman, Theni

Whirlpool pool Washing Machine service is good and very professional and they have proper billing details and cost efficient


Ranjith Kumar, Pondicherri

Service made for ‘LG AC’ good service made, very responsive , low cost, one of the best service center.
Service’s are core to professional , good communication skills


Sathis Raja, Salem

Customer service for good , customer service for IFB washing machine is good. Experienced technician


Kavi Kumar, Cuddalore

They have serviced our haier fridge Machine,service is professional and quick and worth for cost


Sky Ans, Ramnathapuram

I’m sure about this center has the Whirlpool washing machine service at very low cost


S.Deepak, Erode


  • Washing Machine Not Starting or On – Off Problem

  • Washing Machine is Very Noisy

  • Excessive vibrations during Operations

  • Washing Machine Over filling or Under Filling

  • Washing machine not spinning

  • Water leaking from soap drawer

The productivity of your clothes washer relies enormously upon the kind of cleanser you use for washing. There are various kinds of clothes washer accessible in market today: top stacking, front stacking, programmed, self-loader and so on These various kinds of clothes washer work distinctively and consequently require various sorts of cleanser. Today most present day clothes washer producers are attempting to further develop the washing innovation to utilize less water and energy. A top burden clothes washer has an instigator in the drum thus it needs more water for washing and has a more extended washing cycle. A front burden on other hand has no instigator and chips away at tumble activity. A front burden requires less water and less cleanser for washing and has a more limited cycle. Because of this distinction in washing instrument, there are various cleansers for front-burden and top-load clothes washer.

The principle contrast between the top loader and front loader cleanser is the bubbles or foam equation in the cleanser. Since a front stacking clothes washer utilizes less water, it requires a high productivity (HE) low bubbles recipe cleanser. The low bubbles equation of the HE cleansers creates less foam and eliminates all the soil and cleanser buildup with less water.

  • French door refrigerators
  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • Top freezer refrigerators
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators
  • Undercounter refrigerators
  • Freestanding refrigerators

Wipe it out.

Remove everything from the cooler, throwing or fertilizing the soil old and lapsed things. Make certain to check the lapse dates on those topping containers!

Wipe it down.

Utilizing a wipe or fabric and warm, sudsy water, wipe down all surfaces, including racks’ undersides, produce drawers, and cabinet tracks. Make certain to utilize a cleanser with no compound added substances!

Scour the gunk.

In the event that you discover any solidified on, tacky wrecks, make certain to give them a decent clean to eliminate the grime.


Efficiently set your things back in the spotless cooler. Take care to orchestrate things with the earliest in, earliest out way of thinking to guarantee you use food that will arrive at their lapse date earliest, first. This progression will make it simpler to picture what you have come dinnertime and at whatever point somebody gets a bite.

Suppress scents.

Add another crate of heating pop or other deodorizers each 2-3 months to ingest food scents and keep your cooler smelling new.

Reset the temperature.

Temperature dials can without much of a stretch get thumped when cleaning or taking things in and out. Check to ensure your cooler is set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit and your fridge is set to somewhere close to 37 and 40 degrees.

Keep it full.

Regardless of whether you incline toward eating out or requiring a basic food item run, keeping your fridge full to keep up with the cool interior temperature (warm mass) is fundamental. In case you’re running on unfilled, a couple of containers of water will get the job done.

Supplant the water hoses.

Check hoses routinely for swelling, breaking, fraying, and spills around the closures. Supplant the hose if an issue is found or each three to five years as a feature of a proactive support program.

Move the machine.

Make sure that there is somewhere around four creeps between your clothes washer and the divider to keeps hoses from crimping.

Keep the machine level.

A clothes washer that is wrong can vibrate, rock or stroll across the floor during the twist cycle, which can harm the floor or the machine. Equilibrium the washer by turning the legs clockwise to bring down it, and counterclockwise to raise it.

Clean the build up channel.

Contingent upon your machine, the build up authority might be situated in the instigator tube, which is the middle segment of most machines, or close to the highest point of the washtub. Keep it clean to help your washer run productively.

Wash the clothes washer.

Flush away cleanser buildup and development by running locally acquired clothes washer cleaner, or an answer of high temp water, vinegar and heating soft drink through a vacant burden.

Forestall smelly scents and mold.

Leave the washer cover or entryway open between burdens to dry out the unit and keep it smelling new. On front-stacking washers, wipe down the elastic seal around the entryway in the wake of doing your clothing.

Measure your cleanser.

Peruse the apparatus guidance manual to ensure you utilize the right sort and measure of cleanser for your machine. A lot of cleanser can leave buildup on your garments and cause abundance mileage on your washer, and high-productivity washers require an exceptional, low-sudsing cleanser.

Try not to over-burden the machine.

Utilize the proper measure of water for the size of the heap. Wash weighty or cumbersome things in little loads since these are harder on the machine.

Add a trickle dish under your clothes washer. This is a significant expansion to a higher up pantry, since water breaks could harm the floors underneath it.

  • Central Air Conditioner
  • Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner
  • Window Air Conditioner
  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • Floor Mounted Air Conditioner
  • Smart Air Conditioner

1.The cooler isn’t sufficiently cold: 

When your cooler isn’t adequately cold, it looks typical from the outset. However, on the off chance that you notice that a portion of your food things like frozen yogurt are not cold enough or a portion of the things are frozen virus like ice, this might be an indication that your cooler isn’t cooling as expected. There can be many explanations for it, for example, filthy condenser loops, flawed temperature control board, broken entryway gaskets, thaw out framework issues, and evaporator fan disappointments.

2.Clicking sounds coming from the cooler: 

There is a typical low murmuring sound that a fridge makes while running, yet some other sort of solid other than that isn’t ordinary. On the off chance that you hear a clicking clamor emerging from your cooler, there can be two explanations for it. The primary explanation being the beginning transfer not working and the other one is your apparatus neglecting to move the coolant appropriately through the condenser and curls. At the point when the perfect measure of coolant isn’t gone through the fundamental parts, the cooler and the fridge will neglect to keep up with their chilly temperature.

3.Cooler continually running:

 If your cooler is continually running however is as yet not cold enough, it is conceivable that there are a few issues with the thaw out radiator of the cooler or with the entryway gasket or seal. The thaw out radiator is available in the ice free coolers just and it helps in getting the ice development far from the evaporator curls. On the off chance that the entryway gasket is free or harmed, it will permit hot air from outside to spill inside and along these lines the blower will run persistently to make up for the temperature change. Some different purposes for this issue can be the disappointment of the temperature control indoor regulator, failing evaporator fan, and broken condenser fan.

4.Cooler spilling water: 

When your fridge cooler beginnings spilling water, there can be a few purposes for it. The most well-known purposes for this are frozen or stopped up thaw out channel and gasket issues. The thaw out channel can be stopped up because of soil, food remains, or sheets of ice left after the thaw out, it will make the water spill from elsewhere as opposed to going through the channel pipe. There can likewise be some different reasons, for example, the cooler put on lopsided grounds, broken channel container, defective temperature control, and so forth

5.Frozen cooler thaw out channel: 

A frozen thaw out channel can cause different issues, for example, water spillage and in this manner should be fixed at the soonest. The cooler is needed to be thawed out at normal time frames. On thawing out, when the ice is changed over into water, the water is dribbled down into the channel opening. On the off chance that the cooler is totally frozen with ice, it will cause a water flood as an ice sheet might in any case be available under the cabinet. This freezes the thaw out channel and prompts water spillage from underneath the fridge. The issue of frozen drainpipe likewise emerges if the channel tie tumbles off or is harmed.

  • LED TV screen goes blank

  • LED TV has Horizontal lines on start-up

  • LED TV with no sound output

  • LED TV not connecting to WiFi

1. Quantum Light-Emitting Diode

2. Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Display

3. LED TVs

4. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

5. Digital Light Processing (DLP)

6. Plasma Panels

7. Direct TV

By Screen Type

1. Flat Screen

2. Curved Screen

By Resolution

1. 720p TV

2. 1080p TV

3. 4K Resolution TV

4. 8K Resolution



1.Stay away from Liquid Fabric Softener

Utilize less or forego fluid cleansing agents (one teaspoon will mellow an entire burden). Same for blanch (one tablespoon for concentrated fade, two tablespoons for normal). Keep in mind, high-effectiveness machines utilize less water, so less item is required.

2. Eliminate Finished Loads Immediately

Try not to permit sodden garments sit in the machine (this gives an optimal reproducing climate to smelly scents and buildup). Care ought to be taken to guarantee pets or kids don’t move in.

3. Leave the Door Open

At the point when not being used, leave the entryway of the washer partially open, to further develop air course inside the machine and to forestall the development of shape and mold.