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We are The 24*7 Best Fridge Service Center Coimbatore.We Service All Type Of Fridge Service. Door Step Service Center Coimbatore. Book Your Complaints Our Service Technicians. Service with in 2 Hours. We Provide One Month Service Warranty and 3 To 6 Months Spare Warranty.Trusted and Certified Well Skill Trained Technicians. Quality Service Affordable Price.

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Good ifb Fridge service.i like this quick service responce.good customer relationship mangement.


Kumar, Coimbatore

Brilliant Service.My Work is done Quick and At Least Cost Possible. Personally, I Loved the Service. Keep It Up ❤️


R.Muthu Raghavan, Coimbatore

Done Fridge service in my home perfectly….
I love that technician’s response so much….


Murugan, Coimbatore

This service centre is very responsible. I’ve called them for my samsung Fridge service and they’d service work very quick and professionally


Selvi, Coimbatore

very responsive , low cost, one of the best service center in recent times in Coimbatore
Service’s are core to professional , good communication skills


Sathis Raja, Coimbatore

Customer service for good , customer service for Whirlpool Fridge is good. Experienced technician


Kavi Kumar, Coimbatore

Quick Good service responce.quality Lg Fridge service with affordable price.thank u


Siva Rangini, Coimbatore

The service is Good and also at affordable charge. Also They finished the service quick. Thankyou


Manoj Kumar, Coimbatore


We Do our Whirlpool Fridge Service from this center. Service is Quick and worth for Cost

Abdul Rahuman, Coimbatore

Whirlpool pool Fridge service is good and very professional and they have proper billing details and cost efficient


Ranjith Kumar, Coimbatore

They have serviced our Siemens Fridge, service is professional and quick and worth for cost


Sky Ans, Coimbatore

I’m sure about this center has the Whirlpool Fridge service at very low cost


S.Deepak, Coimbatore


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  • 1.The cooler isn’t sufficiently cold: 

    When your cooler isn’t adequately cold, it looks typical from the outset. However, on the off chance that you notice that a portion of your food things like frozen yogurt are not cold enough or a portion of the things are frozen virus like ice, this might be an indication that your cooler isn’t cooling as expected. There can be many explanations for it, for example, filthy condenser loops, flawed temperature control board, broken entryway gaskets, thaw out framework issues, and evaporator fan disappointments.

    2.Clicking sounds coming from the cooler: 

    There is a typical low murmuring sound that a fridge makes while running, yet some other sort of solid other than that isn’t ordinary. On the off chance that you hear a clicking clamor emerging from your cooler, there can be two explanations for it. The primary explanation being the beginning transfer not working and the other one is your apparatus neglecting to move the coolant appropriately through the condenser and curls. At the point when the perfect measure of coolant isn’t gone through the fundamental parts, the cooler and the fridge will neglect to keep up with their chilly temperature.

    3.Cooler continually running:

     If your cooler is continually running however is as yet not cold enough, it is conceivable that there are a few issues with the thaw out radiator of the cooler or with the entryway gasket or seal. The thaw out radiator is available in the ice free coolers just and it helps in getting the ice development far from the evaporator curls. On the off chance that the entryway gasket is free or harmed, it will permit hot air from outside to spill inside and along these lines the blower will run persistently to make up for the temperature change. Some different purposes for this issue can be the disappointment of the temperature control indoor regulator, failing evaporator fan, and broken condenser fan.

    4.Cooler spilling water: 

    When your fridge cooler beginnings spilling water, there can be a few purposes for it. The most well-known purposes for this are frozen or stopped up thaw out channel and gasket issues. The thaw out channel can be stopped up because of soil, food remains, or sheets of ice left after the thaw out, it will make the water spill from elsewhere as opposed to going through the channel pipe. There can likewise be some different reasons, for example, the cooler put on lopsided grounds, broken channel container, defective temperature control, and so forth

    5.Frozen cooler thaw out channel: 

    A frozen thaw out channel can cause different issues, for example, water spillage and in this manner should be fixed at the soonest. The cooler is needed to be thawed out at normal time frames. On thawing out, when the ice is changed over into water, the water is dribbled down into the channel opening. On the off chance that the cooler is totally frozen with ice, it will cause a water flood as an ice sheet might in any case be available under the cabinet. This freezes the thaw out channel and prompts water spillage from underneath the fridge. The issue of frozen drainpipe likewise emerges if the channel tie tumbles off or is harmed.

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    • Fridge Defrost Problem
    • Fridge Gas Leak Service
    • Water Intake Problem
    • Fridge No Cooling
    • Bulb Fuse Problem
    • Door Not Lock Problem
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